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12 Best Apps for Tracking Health and Fitness

Believe it or not, you don’t need any fancy subscriptions or gym memberships to effectively manage your health. In fact, you can track just about everything health-related for free and from the comfort of your home. All you need is a smart mobile device and, at times, an Internet connection.

The main function of these apps is to track your health decisions, including workouts and dieting. Utilize free services to your advantage by mapping runs for a cardio workout or counting calories. You can even track basic activity, such as steps or movement, in order to see how active (or inactive) you are throughout the day.

These applications can even make plans for you, from workout routines to meal plans. Often the hardest part of getting active or living a healthier lifestyle is getting started, and the apps do that for you! Moreover, they can connect you with trained and certified professionals that are happy to assist you on your journey to better health.

You can get all of this functionality for free or for a low fee, so it’s time to stop making excuses. Quit your gym membership or expensive diet plan, because there are better options out there — and you don’t have to look and farther than the palm of your hand.

Which Health Apps Should You Choose?

With some two million apps available on the App Store and Google Play, finding the right app for you can be somewhat of a challenge. That’s why the Bestow team put together the helpful infographic below outlining the 12 best apps for tracking your health.

Keep reading for more information on how health apps work. Or, scroll to the visual to get started on the road to healthful living.


Is one of the highest rated diet/weight loss apps available to Apple and Android users. It recognizes the importance of being knowledgeable about the nutritional quality of food. With its food ratings and nutritional scores, you’ll better understand what you’re putting in your body. You can also learn about diet alternatives and set personal dietary objectives.

Nike+ Run Club

Not only works with Apple and Android software but can also be used with a Fitbit. It’s a great app for beginner and intermediate runners as it provides guided runs, incentives and challenges. Moreover, it encourages your followers to cheer you on.


Is a good option for those trying to build their strength and muscle definition. This app offers workouts by muscle group in addition to instructional videos and performance scores. No longer will you have to face the anxiety that often accompanies weight lifting at the gym.


Meaning couch potato to 5k, does just that: it helps beginner runners go from little or no activity to completing a 5k run. Its running plan, audio coaching and music make cardio an easier and more enjoyable experience. Make it a social event and train with friends!

Continue to the infographic for more information on the best fitness apps.

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12 Best Apps for Tracking Health and Fitness

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